Did you know?

Traditional window retailers mark up their products by as much as 40% to 100%

These markups cover showroom costs, sales commissions, and additional overhead, significantly inflating the price you pay.  Despite the high markups, the price increase does not necessarily reflect a higher quality product.

Beam Benefits

We want you to be in control, offering a streamlined, user-friendly process that transforms the way you think about window shopping and installation.  Enjoy the benefits of modern technology combined with traditional craftsmanship for a result that is both beautiful and enduring.


Instant Precision Measurements

Our app allows you to instantly capture accurate window dimensions right from your smartphone, speeding up the entire process.


Direct Supplier Savings

We connect you directly to suppliers, ensuring you get the best prices without compromising on quality.


Unlimited Customization Options

Customize and configure your windows exactly how you want them, choosing from a vast array of styles, materials, and finishes.


Real-Time Visualization

Preview your customized windows in real-time through our app.  Adjust and reconfigure on the go and see exactly what they'll look like before making a decision.


Expert Fit Check

Before your order is submitted to your chosen manufacturer, one of our expert installers will conduct a fit check to ensure that you they will fit perfectly upon arrival.


Effortless Scheduling

Easily schedule your window installation with the same expert who did your fit check.  Choose a time that work best for you without the hassle of a back-and-forth calls.

How it works

Our process simplifies window replacement from start to finish, ensuring you get precisely what you need with ease and efficiency.  Here's how we bring innovation directly to your home:


Automatic, real-time measurements

Just point your smartphone, and Beam will automatically detect and measure your windows.

Accuracy:  Our cutting-edge technology eliminates the guess work and common manual errors.

Save Time:  Quick and effortless window detection means no more waiting around for manual measurements.

User-Friendly:  Our app makes it easy for anyone to get professional-level accuracy without technical expertise.

Instant Results:  Get your measurements in real-time and then instantly start customizing your windows to perfection.


Your Style, Your Way

Now that you have your measurements, it's time to dive into customization.  Our collaboration with hundreds of suppliers has crafted an extended catalog that opens up a world of possibilities, from Beam Basics to fully customized designs.

Visualization Before You Buy:  Our app allows you to see how the different styles will look before making a decision.

Personalization Made Easy:  Adapt every aspect, from window type to colour to hardware style, and more.

Options for Every Outlook:  Embrace the simplicity of Beam Basics or venture into custom territory - our catalog supports all design journeys.

Pricing Transparency:  Each customization step is accompanied by upfront pricing, guiding your creative process with financial clarity.


Expertise Every Step of the Way

Opt for our professional installation services for an added layer of assurance, including a fit check visit and final installation by our expert team.

Fit Check:  Ensure your new windows will fit perfectly with a pre-installation visit from our experts.

Skilled Installation:  Our professional installers handle everything ensuring your windows are installed correctly and efficiently.

Streamline Scheduling:  Manage everything from measurement verification to final installation directly through the app.  Easily schedule, cancel, or reschedule visits with a few taps, saving you time and hassle.  No more phone calls - just convenience at your fingertips.